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Built With Kids' Feet In Mind.

Our goal is to create the perfect shoe for kids. With the Splay Explore™ we wanted to give kids a shoe that felt as natural as their own feet and moved right along with them. Our simple one-strap design makes it easy to get them on and off in a hurry. We know that kids are constantly moving and getting ready for the next adventure! Shop Splay Shoes for your kids and keep their feet happy and healthy no matter what they might be doing.

Why Choose Splay Shoes?

  • Comfortable barefoot-style shoes for kids
  • Foot-shaped for natural development
  • Flexible rubber soles that help kids' feet move as they should
  • Comfortable, breathable, and durable
  • Perfect for daily adventures!
Built with Kids' Feet In Mind

About Splay Shoes

We launched our first kids shoe on Kickstarter in 2018, but developed the current Splay Explore™ in October of 2019. These shoes are worn and loved by kids all around the world! With a barefoot-like feel and materials that make it easy to move with a kid’s natural foot movement, these shoes are great for every activity and adventure that a kid may embark on.

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Features of our splay explore shoe

  • One-strap design is fast and easy for kids
  • Flexible vulcanized synthetic rubber sole
  • 100% cotton canvas uppers
  • Microfiber toe & heel guards for durability
  • Natural foot shape
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A Sole Built For Fun

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Splay Shoes knows that you care about your kids’ feet, and we have the answer to keeping them comfortable and moving the way they should! Who knows what kind of adventures your kids will get into this year? Make sure they have the most comfortable, durable, and healthy shoes available.

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