The WTF Promise

At Splay, we are committed to making shoes that respect the natural shape and movement of the foot. We created the W.T.F. Promise so you always know what you can expect from our shoes.

The W.T.F. promise is simply that all of our shoes will be Wide, Thin, and Flat. These three features will ensure a healthy, barefoot-like experience for all who wear our shoes.


Splay shoes feature an anatomic toe box. This means that the toe box is shaped like a foot. Shoes with narrow toe boxes can structurally change the shape of the foot and wreak havoc on the arch. When the toes are not allowed to properly splay, balance is compromised and movement is impaired.


The sole of each of our feet has 200,000 nerve endings. These nerve endings serve to send sensory feedback to the brain about the terrain on which we are walking. This sensory feedback is vital in the development of a child's brain. Our shoes feature a thin, flexible sole in order to ensure the brain is properly stimulated. And to ensure that our brain captures as much information as possible about the terrain to help us move more carefully.


Raised heels have become a very popular feature on shoes. The problem is that a raised heel wreaks havoc on your posture and joints as your body is forced to compensate the entire time for this unnatural position. Even many athletic shoes have added this feature to supposedly reduce strain on the Achilles tendon. The problems is that when raised heels are worn frequently, the Achilles tenon will actually shorten which makes Achilles tendinitis and injury more likely.


While shoe trends vary all over the place, our shoes will not. Healthy feet is not a trend. You and your children deserve shoes that respect your feet. If you ever have questions about this promise or anything else, please contact my directly at Thank you!

John Poulton
Founder, Splay Athletics