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Splay Explore™ - The Perfect Shoe For Kids
Everyday Adventure Shoes


Built for kids on the run and having fun.


The simple one-strap design is fast and easy for kids.

They are her favorite shoes I’ve ever gotten her. She hasn’t taken them off...


Katy S.

They are tough, but flexible; fun, but stylish; offer foot protection, but allow toe splay and natural movement.



We're converts and will be buying from you guys for a long time!


Elizabeth A.

Just what I've been looking for! I am so thrilled to find these shoes!



Practical, comfortable, good for the feet, flexible, durable, stylish, and reasonable price.



They are comfortable, affordable and perfect for his feet!


Mary S.

They are well made and feel very durable. I am going to stick with these shoes for a long time.


Built With Kids' Feet in Mind
The Perfect Kids Shoe

Designed to let a kid's foot move as it should. Explore™ features plenty of room for the toes, is flexible enough for anything, and has none of the unnecessary bulk. 

A sole built for fun
Grip it & rip it

Featuring the most innovative sole in kid’s shoes: grippy, durable and balanced for perfect play. Great for the park, the trail, the court or anywhere a kid wants to play.